Moriarty Pool Handbook



Moriarty Pool Handbook


Moriarty Pool Sign-In Policies

1.  Faculty, staff, students, and guests are allowed to swim during lap/open swim hours located here… Moriarty Pool Hours (Fall 2011)

2.  If you are not a student, faculty, or staff at BSU you are required to purchase a BSU Moriarty Pool Pass.  Please refer here for our pricing policies…

3.  Bring your BSU Connect Card or BSU Moriarty Pool Pass with you to the pool deck.


5.  All persons are required to take a cleansing shower bath before entering Moriarty Pool.  No person    with a communicable disease is allowed to use the pool.  Massachusetts Health Code 105 CMR: 435.22.

6.  Sign-in at the lifeguard station located to the left of the dive boards.


Moriarty Pool General Policies

1.  Persons failing to obey the lifeguards or any of the following regulations are subject to removal from the pool.  Lifeguards directives must be followed.

2.  Running and horseplay are not permitted.

3. No person having skin lesions, sores, and inflammation of the eyes, discharges from the ears or nose, or any communicable disease shall be allowed to use the pool facilities—this includes the common cold.

4. No person under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol will be permitted on the premises.

5. No food or drink is allowed in the pool area.

6. No smoking in or around any part of the facility.  Bridgewater State University is now a smoke free campus.

7. Swim suits only, no cutoffs, or other apparel may be worn in the swimming pool. T-Shirts may be allowed at the discretion of the supervisor, providing that they are white (colored dyes from T-shirts can irritate people's eyes).

8.  Any spectators or non-swimmers must remain in the viewing area (pool balcony). Wet swimmers will not be allowed in the viewing area.

9. No glass objects are allowed in Moriarty Pool.  This includes our viewing area (pool balcony).

10. Shoulder rides are not allowed.

11.  Children age 6 and over must use the locker room facility of their own gender.

12.  Children under 8 years of age, or who cannot swim or cannot touch bottom must be accompanied by an adult in the water with them at a distance of no greater that two arm lengths.

13.  Also, an adult must remain in the bleacher area for all children age 14 and under.

14.  Swimmers under the age of 14 must complete a swimming test.  The test is one length (25 yards) of front crawl/freestyle, one length (25 yards) of backstroke, 30 seconds of treading water, and 30 seconds of floating your back.  There is no rest between any of the exercises.  Finally a lifeguard has full discretion whether or not to pass the swimmer. 

15.  Swimmers who are under 14 years of age and have passed the BSU swim test must have a band on.

16. Swimmers under the age of 14 and who have NOT passed the swim test must remain in the area of the pool that is less than 4 feet in depth, even with an adult or wearing a personal flotation device.

17. Personally owned goggles, flotation devices (life jackets, air mattresses, air tubes, and air animals), and masks are the only swimming aids allowed in the pool. Fins, snorkels, are not allowed without the prearranged consent of the aquatics supervisor. Flotation devices must be clean and in good condition.

18. Swimming pool patrons WILL NOT:

a. Enter the water without a lifeguard present.

b. Loiter or engage in horseplay in the locker room areas.

c. Hang on or play on float lines or dividers.

d. Spit, spout water, or blow nose in the pool.

e. Use profanity or vulgarity.

f. Engage in public displays of affection.

19. The starting blocks are off limits to all pool patrons except to trained swim team members under the supervision of a trained coach approved by the university.

20.  If you have shoulder length hair or longer you are required to wear a swimming cap in Moriarty Pool.

21. Patrons will not hang on railings, ladders, and other pool fixtures.

22. Dangerous weapons (including knives) are not allowed in the facility. Persons possessing dangerous weapons in the pool facility will be removed from the facility, and police will be notified.

23.  When there are scheduled activities and Moriarty Pool is closed only the activity participants may use the facility.  (i.e. classes, swim and dive team functions, or other scheduled activities)  Please refer to our pool schedule here…Moriarty Pool Hours (Fall 2011)


Moriarty Pool Diving Board Rules

1.  Diving is allowed only in the diving area, and only from the low (1 meter) board.

2.  Diving from the pool side is not allowed.

3.  Diving is allowed at the discretion of the lifeguards.  If you are 14 or under passing the BSU swim test (see rule #14 above) is required for use of the board.

4.  No back dives or twisters are allowed.

6.  Persons using the diving boards should be aware of the risks involved with diving activities. Pool employees will point out the risks involved when patron activity is reckless and uncontrolled.

7.  After a dive, patrons must swim immediately to the ladder and exit the diving area promptly.

8.  If there is more than one person waiting to dive the waiting person may not be on the board until the person diving finishes the dive and exits the pool.


Moriarty Pool Causes for Patron Removal from the Facility

1.  Fighting (Including threatening behavior or language).

2.  Spitting, or spouting water on another person.

3.  Swearing at or threatening staff members.

4.  Discriminatory language or behavior.

5.  Vandalism of pool equipment and/or property.


Moriarty Pool Equipment and Passes

1.  Kickboards, pull buoys, and water fitness belts are available to use at no charge.

2.  Goggles and swimming caps may be purchased at the swim office (M-F) 9am-5pm from the Aquatic Director.  Please refer here for pricing…

3.  If you have shoulder length hair or longer you are required to wear a swimming cap in Moriarty Pool.

4.  Guest passes may be purchased at the swim office (M-F) 9am-5pm from the Aquatic Director.  Please refer here for pricing…